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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Canon 80d Mini Review

This review is in the perspective of coming from a canon t5i (700d) Rebel

The 80d has the following feature set upgrades to the Rebel t5i

  1. Faster and more accurate auto focus.
  2. Auto white balance more accurate. Better colors.
  3. Advanced WB features such as auto WB White priority and setting Kelvin.
  4. Overall Higher ISO performance much better - ISO 3200 works on both the rebel and the 80d - but looks much cleaner on the 80d.
  5. For my 1.4 lenses - MF adjustments - +5 improved my canon EF 50mm 1.4 greatly.
  6. Better overall exposure and dynamic range - less extreme between shadows and light.
Bottom line: The 80d is a more advanced camera and does many things better. However - the t5i is a great little camera - and overall non of these improvements are a huge jump.