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This site is dedicated to people who love Jerusalem and would like to admire its sites and scenes.

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Photography Tips for Beginners Like Me

I just embarked on my new photography hobby journey. Here are some of the most useful brief tips I picked up early on:

  • As quickly as you can get away from comparing and evaluating your equipment the better. Go out and shoot - its your skill and creativity that counts!
  • Photography is about light, art, expression and creativity
  • Focus more on learning about pictures and less about cameras
  • You can create crummy, boring, and messy photos with expensive camera equipment too
  • Shooting a picture without careful planning and thought will bring the same result as getting married as such
  • Photography is about expressing something internal and unique. This requires patience, quite, study, and a willingness to explore your inner self
  • Learn how to SEE with NEW EYES - the eyes of a creative photographer
  • There is no "right" or "wrong" way to take pictures. However there definitely is a difference between a poorly taken and well taken photo
  • Cameras don't take pictures - people do