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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Thoughts on gear..

The photography marketplace is swarming with new gear and systems!

Some of the known items would be FUJI's new X series with the X bodies such as the X-PRO1 and the line of X lenses both prime and zoom. Additionally OLYMPUS's new bodies OMD and their coinciding lenses.

As a CANON shooter - I have got to say that I feel a little left out. I shoot my T2i and are mostly interested in stills. I feel my existing lenses are more then enough including my CANON 15-85, 35L , 100 MacroL, Tamron 17-50 NON VC, Samyang 14mm MF + 85mm 1.4 MF, and the LOVELY CANON 50mm 1.4.

So what about a body upgrade ?

Well the 5d3 is way out of my budget. The 60d and now 70d - from a stills perceptive - just seem more of the same.

Hmm.. we have the new 6D ! Well - I borrowed one from a friend and put it through its paces for 2-3 days both as a walk around and for portraits - the 2 things I do most.

Tell you the truth - for almost all situations the 6d upgrade would not overall improve my hobby experience and or produce better pictures. Sure you could see a -slight- overall improvement with the 6D - but in good light and on the move in the streets - or in a controlled portrait home studio style environment - not something I could justify 2 grand on for the body and grip.

As a hobbyist the rebel series body + a grip are just fine for me. The grip overall made a huge difference for me, as it allows better overall balance on the lens camera combination, gives me much more battery life, and allows for easy verticals.

I would like to see some kind of real jump in stills IQ for the crop bodies. People want smaller and lighter - and I feel the crop bodies are overall the way for CANON to go for mass production cameras.

The FF bodies and expensive FF lenses - are always going to have a place for working pros. But as someone who tends to take 3-4 hour photo walks - I will always opt for smaller and lighter.