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Monday, April 30, 2012

Voigtlander 20mm COLOR SKOPAR mini review

This review is based on a few days of use with my canon t2i.

The Voigtlander is a MF lens. At 20mm on a canon crop you get a field of view of 20 * 1.6 = 32mm.


  • Very small size - great for street photos and places you do not want to stand out
  • At f/5.6 IQ is razor sharp
  • Colors and general IQ is superb at f/5.6
  • Build quality is superb - MF ring is very solid


  • Pricey
  • MF can be dicey
  • Soft at f/3.5 - f/5
  • Focus confirm "beep" is dicey

This little gem of a lens is not for low light or indoor photography. Nor is it for anything moving as it is MF.
But take it outside to a colorful scene, be it foliage, landscape, buildings, or anything with nice light shape and color - and WOW. You set the distance scale to infinity, and the f-stop to f/5.6, and shoot away at anything opx more then 5 meters away.

The images are crisp,sharp, and contain a unique color retention.

I used it for some street photography - and its small size and light weight makes it perfect.

As someone who likes primes, and uses a canon crop, there is not much out there as far as wide primes.
The Zeiss 21mm is very heavy and expensive. The canon 20mm is poorly reviewed. I found this little gem to be my compromise.

If you want to focus in on something closer then 4-5 meters, you will need to manually focus with LV (not so bad) however this eats up the battery.

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