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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Camera Grip - New Rebel

I recently purchased a grip (canon) for the t2i. I must say that for me this was a very wise purchase.
The grip does 3 things - and it does them very well:

  • The entire ergonomics of the somewhat small body of the t2i are much more comfortable. The grip adds weight which balances out larger lenses as well.
  • Extended battery life X2 as it fits 2 batteries.
  • The grip includes a side button for vertical shots common in portrait work.
I would highly recommend the grip for anyone like me, who has large hands, and wants the additional above value.

So.. the new t4i is here. As of now, I see no real reason for me to consider it, as I doubt it will have a substantial increase in IQ for stills. The only reason I would consider it is the improved AF, however that too may be trivial for my style of shooting, which is stills, using the center AF point only.

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