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Monday, November 16, 2015

Canon 700d - T5i

I finally upgraded my camera from the t2i to the t5i. I wanted something that would give me some level of an upgrade, but not to spend allot of money, and preserve the grip and batteries that I already own for the t2i.

Here are a few of my observations having used the t5i extensively now for a few weeks:

1) The t5i goes to a higher native ISO 100-6400 as standard. This is very helpful for night photography - and definitely noticeable.

2) The t5i overall seams to process the OOC JPG's in a more pleasant way (to me). This is specially noticeable in the colors, and overall dynamic range - dark areas are brightened up a little. Overall PP is very nice - noticeably more advanced then the t2i.

3) The touch screen is cute - not a game changer.

4) My canon 15-85 seems to perform much better on the t5i - maybe the camera was tweaked for it ?

5) The t5i goes 5 FPS - seems like a more sturdy shutter mechanism.

6) The swivel screen is cute - also not a game changer. (I don't really do video)

I also purchased the LOVELY 24mm EF-S 2.8 lens. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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